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750 mL bottle


Porter’s Perfection makes an exceptional single variety cider that is bright, slightly astringent, fruity, dense and with great minerality. Medium tannins. Bone-dry. Lightly sparkling through bottle conditioning, this minimal intervention, clean, natural cider has little to no sulfites added. Contains sediment and pectic, allow to settle before pouring. The Porter’s Perfection apple originates in 18th century England and has become our favorite single varietal and most planted tree in our orchard. Bottled Feb 2023.



Porter's Perfection - 100%


Tasting Notes 

Papaya, Raspberry, Allspice - clove, Yellow plum - Vanier Plum

Alcohol 7.8%

PH 3.39

44 cases produced

Shipping available to 37 states via VinoShipper. New York State customers, must order via email for on-farm-cidery pick up.

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Porter's Perfection
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