The Orchards

 Scrumpy Ewe Orchard

 Seward, NY

 As a family affair, my brother & I have planted a variety of French, English, Heirloom

American and modern cider apple trees at Scrumpy Ewe Orchards.

We grow a blend of bittersharp, bittersweet, sharp & sweet apples with a range of tannins & acidity:


Ashmead's Kernel (MM.111)

Baldwin (G.11)

Binet Rouge (MM.111)

Dabinett (G.222)

Golden Russet (M.7)

Kingston Black (M.7)

Nehou (G.11)

Newtown Pippin (G.11)

Northern Spy G.30, G.11, (MM.111)

Porters Perfection (MM.111)

Redfield (MM.111)

Roxbury Russet (M.7)

Spitzenburg Esopus (MM.111)

Stayman Winesap (MM.111)




The Driftwood Orchard

Schoharie, NY


Located in the heart of our county seat, this hundred year old orchard has over 40 standard trees. A mixture of cider, dessert & eating apple varieties. Wild seedlings too. Ancient bittersweet scions were grafted here back when cider making was a mainstay on the banks of the fertile Schoharie Creek.



In addition to the apples we grow and pick, we source the following from local orchards in the Schoharie Valley and work with various Fingerlakes-based growers that specialize in cider varieties. 



Bulmer's Norman

Somerset Redstreak

Harry Master Jersey

Chisel Jersey

Tremlett’s Bitter

Rhode Island Greening


Strawberry Parfait Crab 

Dolgo Crab




Ida Red



Manchurian Crab