Our ciDERS

We make some of our ciders akin to a fine wine, in laboratory-like controlled settings.  A juice that is bright, clean, complex, tannic and acidic, pitched with a champagne yeast in stainless steel tanks at specific temperatures, lightly filtered and bottle conditioned.  We do so to showcase the true essence of each varietal we work with with minimal intervention to the fruit and process. On the other hand, we also make ciders in the age-old farmhouse tradition - where wild yeasts work in tandem with brettanomyces stains.  In these ciders, nature does most of the work as its slow ferments in our French and American white oak barrels. These unfiltered scrumpy ciders appeal to the farmhouse crowd who doesn't mind getting their taste buds a bit dirty! 

 Regardless of the cider making method we employ in a given batch, one thing is for certain: our ciders come from unique, individually-picked, New York State grown apples. Never from concentrate. Each batch is pressed, fermented, painstakingly-blended, aged and bottled with care. We make them once a year, and batch-to-batch have their own unique characteristics based on our growth season, the cider varieties we blend and style of fermentation we utilize. 


2016 Ciders

 Newtown Spy

Made from two prized apples of antiquity : the newtown pippin & the northern spy. This elegantly dry cider has an earthy, smoky vanilla start with a bright, sharp, tart finish that accentuates its soft tannic structure. Very clean. Akin to a fine white wine. Floral. Serve Chilled.

Pairs well with chicken, fish, pork and spicy foods.  

Apples: (Heirloom) 50% Northern Spy/ 33% Newtown Pippin, (Modern) 15% Gold Rush, (Aromatic) 2% Ida Red.  

7.5% ABV, PH 3.65, TA 5.41

31 Cases Produced. 

2016 vintage.  SOLD OUT

Farmhouse Dry

A traditional, farmhouse cider from a blend of modern, heirloom and dessert apple varieties. Fermented in in both American and French oak barrels for 10 months, with hints of butter, lemon, floral, oak on the nose, full bodied. With hints of apple brandy and whiskey in the finish. And a touch of barnyard brettanomyces. Native Yeast. Unfiltered. Still. .04% residual sugars.

This blend is based on the sustainability of private & local orchards. 

Apples: (Heirloom) Old Winesap, Northern Spy, Spigold, Newtown Pippin, (Modern)  Gold Rush, (Aromatic) Ida Red & Spartan.

7.5% ABV, PH 3.74, TA 5.9

40 Cases Produced. 2016



2017 Ciders


Stone Cutter

ABV 7.4%, PH 3.48, (pétillant, lightly bottle conditioned)

Varietals: (Sharp) Wickson Crab -27%, (Heirloom) Northern Spy - 25%, (Sweets) Fortune - 38%, Ida Red - 10%

Slow-fermented in stainless steel and transferred to American oak for 6 months.

‘Stone Cutter' is a tribute to the fearless edge of the stonemason’s
chisel. Bright, bold and acidic, this sharp cider pays homage to stone
journeymen everywhere.

This cider showcases the Wickson Crabapple. Zesty, with citrus notes, this cider pairs well with spicy curries, braised pork and sharp cheeses. Little to no tannins. Floral. Lightly bottle conditioned for fine, tiny bubbles. 90 cases produced. SOLD OUT

Old Lunkie

Still, ABV 7%, PH 3.61

Slow-fermented in stainless steel, and later aged in nutreal American Oak barrels for a full season prior to bottling.

Varietals: (Bittersweets) Bulmer’s Norman - 22.5%, Major - 22.5%(Bittersharps) Kingston Black - 22.5% (Sharp) Liberty - 22.5%, West Fulton Wild Apples - 10%

A “Lunkie” is a low-linteled passage in a drystone wall allowing lambs to
roam from orchard to orchard. ‘Old Lunkie’ invites us passage to
forgotten traditional European orchards. Soft and full-bodied with
complex tannins, this bone-dry, slow-fermented blend of rare English cider varities was aged in apple brandy barrels for a full season.

Leathery, minerally, complex, heavy tannic structure. Round and thick. Dark caramel color. Made with bittersweet varieties and blended with native wild apples to balance out acidity. Savory, with a hint of butterscotch on the nose. Light malolactic. Serve at room temperature.  52 cases produced. SOLD OUT


Dabinett Spy    

Both Still & pétillant (available in corks and crown caps)

ABV 7.4%, PH 3.52

Varietals: (Bittersweet) Dabinett - 25%, (Heirloom), Northern Spy - 50%, R. I. Greening - 25%

Slow-fermented in stainless steel for a full season prior to bottling.

'Dabinett Spy' is a slow-fermented, traditional cider made from an antique English cider apple (Dabinett) and two prized apples of American antiquity — the Northern Spy and Rhode Island Greening. Delicately blended, this elegantly dry, floral cider has a bright, sharp finish that accentuates its soft tannic structure. Very clean ferment. Balanced. Floral, smell of Dabinett apples on the nose. Serve slightly chilled. Unfiltered. Bonedry.  70 cases produced.  SOLD OUT

Farmhouse Dry


Farmhouse Still-page-001.jpg

2018 CiderS

Stonecutter (750 ml & 375ML)

Dabinett Spy (750 ML)

Farmhouse Dry (750 & 375ML)

Old Lunkie (750ML)

Please check back for spring release dates!

Tasting Room Exclusive Ciders (check back for new monthly releases all season)

Golden Crab (50% Golden Russett/50% Wickson Crab)

Ellis Bitter

Old Lunkie Oak Reserve

Farmhouse Dry Whiskey Reserve

Northern Spy Brandy Reserve